Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Directed by Matthew Vaughn
5/5 Stars
Stardust is a great movie! It is about this man that really wanted to marry this girl so when he sees a shooting star he told he would go and retrieve it. So he returns home to his father and his father gives him a note from his mother. Attached to it a candle so he uses this to travel to his mother that he has never met before, but as he was wishing to go to his mother “the star” popped into his head. Instead of traveling to his mother he travelled to the star. “The Star” ended up being a lady and from there they set of to go back home so he could give the star to the girl he wishes to marry! The only problem is that there is a witch and a princess also looking for the star! In this movie they over came a lot of obstacles but he finally discovers that “The Star” is his one true love and marries her!!!
Nataly L.

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