Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pass the Book!

This year's Pass the Book title is "The Factory Voice" by Jeanette Lynes. Pass the Book is a program that runs across Durham Public Libraries, giving everyone the chance to check out a great book and then talk about it with others!

This year's book is a World War II novel. Candace Fertile (Quill & Quire Magazine) writes that "Jeanette Lynes’ debut novel, The Factory Voice, is an entertaining and engaging story set in an airplane factory in Fort William, Ontario, during the Second World War. Lynes, a professor at St. Francis Xavier University, brings the wartime experiences of the factory women to vivid life by skillfully employing the language and manners of the era."

The book features several characters, one of whom is teenager Audrey Foley who ran away from an arranged marriage and became the factory's snackwagon girl.
Interested in learning more, or checking out some of the fun 40s themed programmes this summer? Visit the Pass the Book blog at

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