Thursday, June 24, 2010

Secret's out: St Jude's New Girl by Carmen Reid

This girl named Gina has a half brother named Menzie and as far as they know, they have always lived in a nice house and her parents, I guess you could say rich and so they lived in luxury. She loves her 3 best friends, Paula, Ria, and Maddison and they always hung out. They had this plan to hook up with Paula’s boyfriend, Martinez and 3 of his friends and go to a festival and see some cool bands. Some were planning on losing their virginity. Gina got in trouble though, she spent all her money on clothes and got bad grades and her mom was not pleased at all. Gina is now being sent to Scotland to go to some boarding school called St. Jude’s. Now Gina has to leave her luxury life she has been living in and leave her friends behind. She learns to cope with her new life and her 3 kooky dorm buddies.
This book is a good read and it’s hilarious. This book keeps me interested in it and when I know I have to do something else I kept reading it. I would recommend it to other teens especially since we can relate to this or have seen this happen before.
Chelsea S.

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