Monday, June 28, 2010

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace
Michael Apred
Amazing Grace is a true and heart-touching story of how slave trading came to end. Up until the 18th century, eleven million African men, women and children were taken to West Indies and American colonies as slaves. Slave trading being one of the greatest economic activities in the British Empire, was in favour of all but a few. Amoung these few, William Wiberforce (Joan Gruffudd) was brave enough to express his opposing to opinions about the slave trade in public. William Wilberforce was a prosperous Member of Parliament (MP) who not only tried to end the slave trade, but also tried to make the world a better place. Although William wanted to end slave trading it wasn’t easy. William’s passion of passing a bill on the abolition of slave trade hasn’t succeeded as many MPs in the parliament relied on slave trade. But even if William failed for the first time, his perseverance and honest way of abolishing British slave trade hasn’t disappeared. With the help of his fellow mates – Equiano, William Pitt and John Newton – William Wilberforce was able to overthrow the opposition party and pass the bill and finally succeed in the abolition of slave trade. Amazing Grace takes us on an emotional and romantic journey of a man whose ambition was not only to end slave trade but it’s improved education and health care and social conditions in his country. In the end, William proved that slave trading is a disgrace to humanity and every man – no matter what race or colour he is – is equal in God’s eyes.
Geervani D.

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