Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twilight FanFiction

At the last Twilight Book Club meeting the following four short stories were written:


It is 5 years after the Voturi vs. the Cullens fight and the Volturi are in Voltura. One member in particular wanted the powers of Alic, Edward, Bella, Jasper and especially Renesme. That member asked Dimetry to find Renesme. Dimetry went out in search of Renesme and spied her hunting with Jacob. He couldn’t figure out hwo he would be able to get her because he knew as soon as he tried to get close too her Jacob would attack. Dimetri decided that in order to get to Renesme, he would have to get her away from Jacob, so he threw his voice to get Jacob’s attention. He made his voice sound like Sam’s! Jacob did not fall for this because he could smell vampire and it was not that Fillmilyer. He took Renesme back home and told Edward and then went to destroy Dimetry when he was still alone so everyone except Bella and Renesme went to kill! They won so they never had to live in the fear of the volturi again.


Once upon a time, Alice found out Jasper had a crazy ex-girlfriend! Jasper’s ex-girlfriend was also a vampire. Once day she came looking for him. She knocked on the door and asked for Jasper. Alice answered and was very shocked to learn who she was. It was a girl she had known for a while when she was a newborn vampire. She was very rude to Alice and demanded to see Jasper because she had big news for him! Her news was she was getting married to one of the vampires that he knew when he was with Mrea and would like him to come. Alice told Japser and he thought that he had destroyed all of the newborns. But anyways, he and Alice went to he wedding and Alice talked to the bride and was filled in on some of her past. Now she is dying to learn more.


On a sunny day, Jacob and I were hunting with my mum and dad. I had caught this great big deer. It was awesome! I was happy because the Deer I had caught was a lot bigger than the deer everyone else caught. Everyone could tell how great I was, but secretly, I felt sorry for the deer. I did not want to hunt animals, but I also did not want to hunt humans because I am a half human. So I talked with my dad and he said not to worry because there are plenty more and that is what they’re there for. I still didn’t feel right about killing deer so I vowed to eat only the animals that were overpopulated.


When Jacob and Renesme grow up after 15 years, they are sitting in their house on the outskirts of La Push. They are discussing plans to throw an anniversary party for Edward and Bella and Renesme announces that she is pregnant! They thought they would be able to tell Bella and Edward on their anniversary! Their anniversary comes and Renesme tells everyone a formal announcement. The room is quiet and filled only with sudden gasps from the guests. Edward just stares at them with a blank look on his face and Jacob and Renesme become worried that he will get mad in from of all the guests. She sends him a message to relax and everyone is so happy, except Edward who has stepped outside. Bella joins him and they discuss their future… what will come of this child who has human, vampire and werewolf blood?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enter our 2009 Manga/Anime Drawing Contest!

Manga/Anime Drawing Contest for Teens!

Draw, paint, or use computer graphics to create an original work of manga or anime, and your work may be selected for prizes and display. The entry deadline for Teen Manga/Anime Drawing Contest is Saturday, October 31 at 5:00 PM. Participants must be 12 to 19 years old.

To qualify, submit your art on an 8 ½” x 11” sheet and on the back write your name, age, grade, email, current address, phone number, and Oshawa Public Libraries barcode number. Entries must be dropped off in an envelope marked “Manga/Anime Drawing Contest.” Hand-in your entry at any library branch or mail it to “Manga Contest,” Teen Librarian, Oshawa Public Libraries, 65 Bagot St., Oshawa, ON L1H 1N2. Each person may have up to two entries. Winners will be announced in the first week of November.

For more information and complete contest rules, contact Tiffany Balducci at 905-579-6111, ext. 5238 or at

New Review by a teen like you!

Book by: Micheal Grant
5/5 Stars

REVIEW: Everyone 15 years and older have disappeared and a giant barrier has come up cutting the stranded young ones off from the rest of the world. Will the older kids bring peace and harmony or will they bring fear and terror? And why are some of the kids getting supernatural powers? Read “Gone” to find out!
Review written by: Eli G.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Iron Chef Photos!

A few weeks ago, the library hosted an awesome Iron Chef Competition! The participants put together some really awesome dishes. The secret ingredient was: chocolate! Bring on the photos!