Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Dragon's Eye by Dugald A Steer

This book is about two kids who visit their two uncles named Dr. Ernest Drake. Beatrice and Daniel learn about the world of Dragonology and overcome many struggles in class. When they try searching for the Dragon’s Eye things become dangerous.
Patrick K.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She's The Man

Sebastian decides to skip a week of school to go away for his band, so his sister Viola, goes to school for him to tryout for the soccer team. During this time, she has to act like Sebastian, so she dresses like a boy. She makes the school soccer team. Viola scores the winning goal for the team.
Madison P.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet Dave

This DVD is about a man like spaceship that came to Earth. Controlled by little space people that are looking for a rock that will save their lives from extinction. The man meets a girl that hit him. He drinks ketchup. He looks for the kid with the rock. He runs from music and watches someone make out with their partner. Dave trashes Old Navy. He teaches a class, sharpens a pencil in his and stops a robbery. He plays a video game and makes a mess. Talk with the lady and leaves. The people on Dave are all acting weird. The captain watches a movie with #3 and then it gets awkward between him and #3. Then he goes looking for the row. He eats a hot dog, wins a prize and fights. He beats up a kid. He finds his rock. He goes out partying. He gets taken to jail. Captain gets put away. He blows up a cop office and is rude to a lady. Josh goes after Dave to try and stop him. The new captain #2 blows out #7 and kissing, then stops to save the ship. Dave drops a ball in water. #1 has to choose to kill Earth or save Earth. He saves Earth and then decides he doesn’t have enough power to go home. But Josh gives him power by shocking him. Then #1 comes out and talks to the people. They go home. Then get capture by the FBI, then fly away in a shoe and #1 kisses #3.
Amanda C.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel

5/5 Stars
The book was about Matt Cruse and his adventure with Miss de Vries, Nadia, and Hal. They found a ship called the Hyperhiron that was filled with riches and goods but came across a deadly octopus and an areozone and pirates. All at 20 000 feet.
Jordan M.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Happens In Vegas

Joy and Jack got married the same night they met. They got drunk to escape their lives. They try to get divorced but they have to live with each other for 6 months. They try as hard as possible to make each other seem bad, but they end up loving each other and stay married.
Mellisa M.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Great Call of China by Cynthea Liu

4/5 Stars
REVIEW: Cece is adopted and wanted to find out who her birth parents are. She went to China For S.A.S.S. program but she wanted to find her birth parents also. Cece made lots of friends and a boyfriend.
Melissa M.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

5/5 Stars
REVIEW: Twilight is my favourite book! It is an awesome book because it’s a love story with a twist. The book was so good that I had to read the other three books; New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn! I also watched the movie, but ti’s not as good as the book. I can’t wait until the next movie comes out!
Katelyn K.