Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More reviews from teens/tweens!

The Isabel Factor
Gayle Friesen
4/5 Stars
REVIEW: When you read this book, it’s like you are Anna (the main character). The description pulls you into the book so you can feel what she is feeling. I say this book is awesome! I recommend it for people 11-18.
Angela B. (Grade 8)

Waiting for Sarah
Bruce McBay
REVIEW: It was kind of boring in the middle, but okay in the beginning/ end. I would recommend it for people between the ages of 12-15.
Allison P. (Grade 8)

Girl Nearly 16 Absolute Torture (BOOK)
Sue Limb
4/5 Stars
REVIEW: Jess’s parents are divorced. Her mom surprised her for taking a trip to her father’s house in the summer. She was leaving her boyfriend at home and they were planning things.
Melissa M. (Grade 9)

Move Along (CD)
The All-American Rejects
4/5 Stars
REVIEW: They had lots of good songs.
Jordan M. (Grade 7)

The Reality Bug (BOOK)
D. J. Macttale
5/5 Stars
REVIEW: I liked the book a lot. It was about Bobby Pendragon who is a traveller that is following Saint Dane to Veelox which is deserted except one building. Saint Dane tries to kill thousands of people.
Jordan M. (Grade 7)

Dead and Gone
Norah McClintock
4 ½ /5 Stars
REVIEW: It hooks you in from the first page. She is a wonderful author. The book is great all the way to the end.
Charlotte (Grade 8)

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