Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Video Game Review-The Sims 3

Rating 4/5 stars
Sims 3 is the newest edition of the virtual simulation style game. The game features so many new challenges, achievments, goals, and extras to unlock that you'll find it difficult to put the controller down. One of these new features is 'Karma Powers'. You recieve karma points for making good decisions for the betterment of you Sim, or gain none for making bad choices. Too many bad decisions and not enough good might even result in a meteroid shower that could cause some serious damage to your Sims' household, in the land of sims; what goes around comes around. You can redeem karma points for some pretty useful powers, like stroke of genius where your Sim gets a little bit smarter than usual for a short period of time, or money bags where money literally falls from thin air and into your Sims' bank account. You can grant your Sim lifetime wishes such as specific career goals or perhaps it might make your sim happy just doing the dishes. The game becomes more and more difficult as you progress in your Sims' age and career, especially once you start adding more Sims to your household, like a spouse and kids, maybe even a roomate. All in all The Sims 3 is a must have. It's a great game with very indepth game play and features, the only down fall is how much memory it can take up on your system/console. it can also be very frusturating when your game freezes or crashes before getting a chance to save, if only Sims had an auto-save feature.

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