Monday, December 20, 2010

The Hanging Woods by Scott Loring Saunders

3/5 Stars

Upon reading the book I found the start a little slow but it did pick up. I did enjoy the character development and believed they were realistic and sometimes relatable. I do however have concerns about the age group it is said to start at. It is an easy read but some of the content is a little disturbing and believe it is either meant for a very mature twelve year old, but even that is pushing it. I am a seventeen year old and found it upsetting to read some of the scenes. I do enjoy the suspense Sanders has kept throughout the novel involving his mother’s diary. The ending helped to explain the rest of the book and I find that to be a good way to compel the reader. I would like to also say that having the book be based on another time period is always interesting, and I feel that there is enough to know it isn’t modern but not forced down the reader’s throats that we know it is 1975. It was also interesting that the character was a thirteen year old boy who was slowly becoming more and more disturbed. That always makes for an interesting story. Overall I feel the book was suspenseful, compelling and different. I hope it does well.


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