Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2011 White Pine Titles Announced!

By Allan Stratton
An exciting thriller about fifteen-year-old Sami whose life is turned upside down when his father faces terrorism charges. With the help of two friends, Sami attempts to prove his innocence.

Fear the Worst

By Linwood Barclay

Sydney Blake, a young teenager, does not return from work one night and her father Tim is forced to confront his worst nightmares as he searches for his missing daughter.


By Wendy Phillips

Fishtailing is a gritty free verse exploration of the teen experience as seen through the eyes of Natalie, Kyle, Tricia, and Miguel. These four teens learn first hand what happens when situations get out of control.

Gravity Brings Me Down

By Natale Ghent

Sioux Smith is a high school student who makes keen observations about her teachers and classmates. Her life is made complicated by her friendship with an elderly woman and by knowing a secret about a popular teacher.

Hearts at Stake

By Alyxandra Harvey

Solange Drake is unique as the only female soon-to-be vampire born in 900 years. She is also the instrument in a prophesy that would see the elimination of the current vampire queen. Solange must rely on her own wits, her best friend, and the brawn of her many protective brothers to overcome the life-threatening situations that her existence invites.

The Monkeyface Chronicles

By Richard Scarsbrook

Philip Skyler is born with a facial deformity that impacts every aspect of his life --from school achievement to interpersonal relationships. The novel follows Philip from age 13 to adulthood climaxing with his triumphant return to his home town and people who provided the backdrop for the struggles and trials of his young life.

Swim the Fly

By Don Calame

Matt Gratton and his two best friends Coop and Sean set high goals for themselves. Their collective goal -to see a real, live naked girl!

Some Girls Are

By Courtney Summers

Regina, a high school senior in the popular crowd, suddenly falls out of favour and becomes the object of the same sort of vicious bullying that she used to inflict on others.

The Second Trial

By Rosemarie Boll

Danny McMillan’s father secretly abused his mother. One night, he goes too far, is arrested and convicted. The family’s trials begin when they enter witness protection and try to rebuild their lives.

The Worst Thing She Ever Did

By Alice Kuipers

Grief and guilt have Sophie in a strangle-hold. She must confront the horrific events in her past in order to begin living for herself again.

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