Thursday, April 15, 2010

Superman/Batman Absolute Power by Jeph Loeb, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino

Jonathan and Martha Kent find a rocket in their yard and there was a baby inside. Bruce’s parents were shot and killed outside the theatre. Jonathan and Martha named the baby Clarke. Clarke and Bruce found out they had superpowers. Clark and Bruce became Superman and Batman. Together they fight crime. They saw a criminal, it was Archer. Archer shot a special arrow at Superman and he was knocked out. Batman said if Superman is hurt, he’ll kill Archer. Archer and Batman fought. Batman won with the help of Superman. Diana and Sam found Green Lantern’s dead body and took his special ring. Sam got the power of Green Lantern. Sam used the power for evil. They tried to defeat Batman and Superman. Batman was hurt so Superman took him to their parents. Superman was mad so he killed Diana and Sam. With the help of the ring they brought back the Super League and killed the dark lord.
Kevin P.

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