Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Dark Hills Divide by Patrick Carman

Alexa Daley enjoyed tagging along with her father every summer to go to Bridewell where he went for business. Alexa enjoyed shopping around the town but when she was not doing that she could be found in the library with her friend Gordyson (older man who fixes books) or reading a book while stroking Sam and Pepper (cats). Her friend Worveled (really old man) lost away at the beginning of the book and Alexa was there, only her! He was poisoned so she took a key from him and with that key later in the book she opened a hidden door from behind her favourite chair in the library. She follows the tunnel until the end and finds Yipes (a little man). He leads her to a pond and from that she retrieves a Jecosta (a rock that allows her to talk to animals). Yipes then brings her to the council of the forest animals. They explain that convicts that used to be in Bridewell, but were released on the other side of the wall (because the city was surrounded by walls) were going to attack and it is going to be a fierce battle. She finally discovers that one person behind this scheme is a friend of her father. She discovers that Sam and Pepper betray her and that she is a very important girl to unlock warlocks secrets! At the end of the book the walls around the city are taken down!
Natalya L.

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