Monday, January 26, 2009

The rules for tomorrow's programme

The Rules:
No money allowed! Only trade credits, so the more you bring, the more you'll get!
No piracy! Only legal, original items may be traded. No home-burned disks or mix tapes
Games to trade must be rated "T for Teen" or below
Movies must be rated 14A or below. No X-rated, and unrated movies will be decided case-by-case. (Please follow your own family's rules about which movies you may select)
All items must be in usable condition. No torn books, cut-up magazines, or badly scratched disks.
Sorry, no refunds. We'll check items for obvious damage, but trade at your own risk- some used games and discs may not play perfectly when you get them home. Everything is traded as-is.
Trade credit values:
10- Softcover Books
15- Hardcover Books
5 credits for 2- Magazines (good condition only)
5- VHS tapes
20- DVDs
15- CD-ROM & DVD-ROM Computer games (must have serial #'s)
10- Music CDs
30- Wii Games
30- Xbox 360
20- Xbox
30- Playstation 3
20- Playstation 2
20- Gamecube
15- PSP, & Nintendo DS
10- Game Boy
5- All other, older video games
Items lose 5 trade credits for each of these problems:
Missing case
Missing instructions/guide
Worn/slightly damaged (but still usable)

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Eli said...

Sounds like fun! I'll try to bring something in.