Monday, January 26, 2009

The eSchool Scavenger Hunt is On!

Take a picture of the eSchool logo with inflatable pool toys? No problem. While hugging a strange looking tree? Got it! With a disturbing looking meal? My mom makes creepy food all the time! While wearing a bib at a restaurant? That could be a problem...

Big Prizes - Scholarship, iPod, movie passes!
It's time to go photo crazy and collect pictures of you or a friend holding your eSchool sign with a collection of 'interesting' target items / places / people. For the next few months, eSchool is holding a contest inviting everyone to join in and go out scavenging for cool and funny photos. The winner receives a thousand-dollar eSchool scholarship, an Apple iPod Shuffle and 4 movie passes!

Get photos of you and the eSchool sign...
Helping an old lady cross the street
Re-enacting a scene from a Disney movie
With a giant replica of something small
Wearing a bib at a restaurant
With a strange looking animal
With a vinyl LP, a cassette, a CD and an mp3 player
With the smallest bottle of water you can find
At the population marker for your town or city
(view complete list)

This contest is open to students everywhere! Come visit the official Scavenger Hunt site for the full list of scavenger hunt items as well as the full contest rules, and then upload your contest photo entries!

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