Thursday, January 28, 2010

Charlie Bone and Shadow of Badlock

Jenny Nimmo
5/5 Stars
REVIEW: Charlie is a picture travellor and he travels into a picture of “Badlock”. He travels with his friend’s dog one day and when he noticed what a horrible place it was he left, but his friend’s dof Runner Bean got stuck in the picture. After rescuing his friend’s dog, his friend Billy Raven came over to his house for the weekend. His friend Billy ended up getting sucked into the picture of Badlock!
Charlie goes back into the picture (when he finds it) and he tries to rescue Billy but Billy is under a spell and does not want to return to his ‘real world’. Charlie ends up rescuing his ancestor. Charlie reunites his ancestor with his wife through a ‘history wall’. At the very end of the book Charlie realizes that his friend he thought had drowned (in the middle of the book) was alive!
Natalya L.

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