Monday, August 17, 2009

TAB Cabbage Pictures!

Cast Photos

Just Friends...

It has to be Fabulous!

The Cast joins in for the last song of the show

Cabbage is a City Girl at heart

"I had a true love once..."

"The Firebolt"

Lauren as Harry Potter

"Why'd you have to tell her, Hermione?"

"I got the best present for Christmas"

"I solemnly swear I'm up to no good"

The Marauder's Map

Friends Forever

"Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

Rumpelstiltskin just wants a friend

Lauren's solo

Sherlock and Rumpelstiltskin show off their dance moves

"But Ma!"

A delivery from Oversized Novelty Nametags

Sherlock and the Prince may pass

"I found Waldo!"

The Gingerbread Man (who does NOT know the Muffin Man...)

Sherlock Holmes assists the Prince

The witch has hidden Cabbage! Oh no!

She just like, wants to meet a handsome prince

The Fairytale narrator

Cabbage and the Prince in Love

"The Tide is High"

The Prince hears Cabbage's Lovely Singing Voice

Princess Cabbage in her tower

The witch visits Cabbage

Cast practices dancing in the aisles

That's All! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported TAB!

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