Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reviews from Teens!

Hey everyone! Hope your summer went well! I can't believe it's already time to go back to school. . . are you looking forward to it or dreading it? Over the course of the Teen Summer Reading Club, we received some really great reviews - I will post them here.

Nowhere in Africa (MOVIE)
Caroline Link & Stefanie Zweig
4/5 Stars
REVIEW: This movie was about a Jewish family living in Germany that emigrated before WWII. They moved to Kenya, Africa to run a farm. Then shortly after they left, everything changed back in Germany. That’s when the Nazis attacked the Jews. Therefore everyone must arrange their lives in a new continent as turning back seems impossible.
Winston L. (Grade 7)

Big Shiny Tunes 12 (CD)
2/5 Stars
REVIEW: Most of the sons were screaming instead of singing except for one or two songs. I don’t like that kind of music.
Melissa M. (Grade 9)

Spy Smuggler (BOOK)
Jim Eldridge
5/5 Stars
REVIEW: A boy named Paul Lelaud lived in a French village, which’s the part the Nazis had occupied. His best friend was a Jew and was sent to a discrimination camp with her family. Therefore Paul decided to join the Resistance with his uncle and helped making schedule sending spies from Britain and, of course, fighting against Germany to free their country.
Winston L. (Grade 7)

To Catch a Pirate
Jade Parker
4 ½ / 5 Stars
REVIEW: I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure stories. I really like the main character “Annalisa”. She was determined, gentle-hearted, and brave. Annalisa was determined to save her father. She was willing to use her dowry money to buy a ship and become a pirate hunter. She was also gentle-hearted as she refused to let Nathaniel (her quartermaster) whip a pirate to gain information. She was brave as she took the whip right out of the hands of the man who Nathaniel had ordered to whip the pirate while she was sleeping. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book.
Devon C. (Grade 8)

The School Story
Andrew Clements
3/5 Stars
REVIEW: I found it was an okay book. I found that some of his other books were better. A nice story about a girl who writes a book and wants to get it published. One I would change is to include the actual story in it.
Graham W. (Grade 7)

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