Friday, June 6, 2008

Book Reviews!

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson
The first twist: gentle, inconspicuous Tyler Miller unleashes his wild side on the school in the form of spray paint. Twist number two, the Millers’ supposedly perfect family is not so. The third twist: the girl of your dreams becomes your worst nightmare. While the rope of Tyler’s life twists tighter each day, he creeps closer to an inescapable outcome.

Devilish by Maureen JohnsonJane is worried about her friend Ally, who is not very popular and has just been humiliated at school. Ally vows to become popular and the next day comes to school with a new look. Over the following few weeks, Ally's wardrobe becomes more and more fabulous while she acts more and more mysterious. Ally finally confesses that she has sold her soul in exchange for popularity. Disbelieving her, Jane boldly offers to swap places with Ally. Unfortunately, Jane soon learns that the deal is no joke. Is it too late to save her soul?

Better Than Blonde by Teresa Toten
Sophie’s life is finally going the way she has always dreamed of: best friends with the Blondes, center of attention in her grade ten class, and no more secrets and lies! But what happens when her Papa – who was supposedly dead – is finally out of prison and back at home? With the help of her eccentric Aunties, Mama, and the fabulous Blondes, Sophie can handle anything –even including her first love. This novel is an excellent addition to the remarkable Blondes series.

Peeps by Scott WesterfeldWhen he goes to New York City to attend college, Cal picks up an unusual parasite. Left untreated it causes an aversion to sunlight and an uncontrollable desire to bite people. Fortunately for Cal, he is naturally resistant to the parasite. He now works for a secret agency that tracks down others who have been infected by the parasite which, regrettably for Cal, includes all of his ex-girlfriends.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
Nick is heartbroken from his recent break-up three months, fourteen days, and 22 hours ago and can’t face his ex in a cluttered club alone, so he takes Norah along for the ride. Little does Nick know that Norah is also angst-ridden from her recent break-up! Told in perspective-alternating chapters, this book is a sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy roller coaster of two teens trying to find themselves while sharing one date over a very long night and discovering who they want to be. Warning: the expletives fly fast and furiously throughout this heart-stopping, insightful, and incredibly funny novel that will leave you wanting to create the soundtrack to your own life. Hollywood is making this book into a movie starring Ontario-born Michael Cera.

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