Friday, May 9, 2008

12 Things to Look Forward to from the GW Forecast

Based at George Washington University, in Washington, D.C., the GW Forecast brings experts together online to forecast coming breakthroughs in science, technology, medicine, and more. Here's what they see for your future. To learn more, visit

2008 Most people use PDAs (personal digital assistants)
2010 Translation software replaces foreign language teachers.
2013 Half of all household waste is recycled.
2014 Healtchare is computerized
2015 Only 10 percent of all jobs are in manufacturing.
2018 Half of all goods are sold online.
2021 Automated highways take us where we want to go.
2025 Children are genetically designed.
2027 A permanent base is established on the moon.
2028 Humans land on Mars.
2043 Humans travel to a nearby star
2044 Most people live to be 100.

What are your predictions for the future?